Love Script
Love Script
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Love Script

Zhu Xuan Wen is a three-high (high IQ, high-value, high-assessment) male God who, after an inexplicable car accident at a young age, develops neurosis. He is delusional and believes himself to be the Emperor Jianwen of the Ming Dynasty, and no longer cares about the operation of his own listed company and concentrates on becoming the emperor he thinks he is. Meanwhile, Luo Kai Huai is an intern female psychologist who is on the verge of bankruptcy. Because she is in need of a large sum of money to support her family, she goes to treat Zhu Xuan Wen’s illness. However, she didn’t expect that taking this case would result in having no peace in her life. While Zhu Xuan Wen desperately tries to drive her away and Luo Kai Huai desperately wants to stay, the two of them fight every day. (Source: Translated and edited from Mango TV Chinese Youtube Channel)

His and Her Love Script , Wo De Wang Xiang Zheng Nan You , Ta He Ta De Lian Ai Ju Ben , Yi Wo Ta Di Lyun Ngoi Kek Bun , 我的妄想症男友 , 她和他的戀愛劇本
Status: Ongoing Network: Released: Dec 20, 2020 - Jan 12, 2021 Duration: 45 min. Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 24 Casts: , , , , , Released on: Updated on:


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